SUCKING OFF THE POOLGUY... on my latest business trip i went out of the hotel for a private phone call when

i found that inviting pool along with a handsome poolboy. I took the chance to cool down a bit by walking

into the water with my silk blouse, lingerie, stockings and high heels still on. It feels so great to have those

silky fabrics soaking wet and clinging to my skin. The poor guys balls started boiling so i just approached him

to let him play with my big MILF clit inside my satin panties and my hard nipples that were poking through

my silk blouse. Then i sucked his dick while i was still in the water. He was cleaning it anyway, right....

Dscf0003.jpg Dscf0013.jpg Dscf0015.jpg Dscf0029.jpg
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Dscf0109.jpg Dscf0120.jpg Dscf0127.jpg Dscf0129.jpg

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